The Potato Crop – Its Agricultural, Nutritional and Social Contribution to Humankind

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A textbook covering all aspects of potato history, cultivation, and nutritional value.

As the wise and old saying goes, “it takes a village to raise a child”; it also takes a large number of authors to develop a book like this one. Over sixty to be more pre- cise, coincidentally close to the nearly 50 years of the International Potato Center (CIP), which has been working with potato and sweetpotato since 1971 and 1985, respectively. Along with maize, the potato is one of the most priceless and signifi- cant botanical presents among all the crops that the American continent has ever given to the entire world. And because of potato’s plasticity and ability to be planted in the vast majority of geographies, latitudes, and altitudes occupied by mankind, it has become one of our main staple crops.


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